Wardrobe Or Walk In Closet?

Wardrobe Or Walk In Closet? - Today we recognize two types of wardrobe: wardrobe and walk in closet. Wardrobe is loose furniture, wardrobe which can be moved or placed anywhere as needed. While this walk is the closet space to store clothing, including handbags, shoes, and others that allow users through (walk in). The size is usually larger. "At least 2 x 3 meters," said Fernando S Siregar, Chantique designer, one of the manufacturers of cabinets in Jakarta.
Cabinet is difficult to be moved because it is built in with a space. Usually laying near thebathroom in the master bedroom, together with a dress. So, the shower we can directly choose clothes in a walk-in closet before ornate. Out of the bedroom was in order. Wardrobe is available in the form of finished products, while the walk-in closet is made to order (customized).

As needed
According to Evelyn Nila Chandra, Designer PT Linear Indonesia, another furniture manufacturer in Jakarta that carries the brand of The Line, walk in closet should be tailored to the needs of residents. "So, we need to first determine the items to be stored in the walk-in closet ranging from clothing, handbags, shoes, to accessories," he said.

From there it can be formulated in the form of modules that will be applied on a walk-in closet as doors, shelves, drawers and hanging area. Folding clothes rack to store, towels, and blankets; drawers for underwear, socks, and the like; hanging area for clothes to be hung like a shirt and a long dress, or can be added a special area for hanging ties, scarves, and scarf.

The placement of the items in the module should also be tailored to the type and frequency of use. "For example, party shoes that are rarely used can be placed in a closet with a special shoe," he explained. While the door may not be applicable. The important thing is all the stuff in the cupboard protected from dust and dirt. If there was the door, the shape can be fold (folding doors) or shear (sliding door).

Automatic lights
Evelyn suggested installing a walk-in closet was planned when designing houses. The shape is adapted to the living space. Can I-line (in line with the longitudinal walls), L-shaped, or rectangular. In the large walk-in closet can be designed to connect to the bedroom or even the bathroom dry. Do not forget to display a mirror or dressing table dressing and dress so that activity more leverage.

Materials wardrobe varies according to the design space. In addition to MDF (medium density fiber), wood and plywood with finishing nyatoh melamik or duco also popularly used. The choice of colors and motives are also diverse. Application sandblast glass (opaque) to further enhance the cupboard doors.

To facilitate the search item in the closet, walk in closet should be equipped lights on automatically when we took the clothes, and died after we came out of the closet. We recommend using a bright halogen lamp whose light and able to show the original color of clothes in the closet. So, we do not mistakenly choose. It could also be a small fluorescent light intensity is adequate.

Chantique sell wardrobe around Rp 4 million / meter run. While The Line offers a collection of tall cabinets with 207 cm, width 101 cm, and a length of 60 cm for Rp4, 9 million. While walk-in closet will be done with a minimum order for 10 projects at a price according to the agreement. There is no special tips for caring for wardrobe. The important thing is keep the humidity that is not moldy clothing and easily damaged. "Open the closet door so that air in," said Fernando.

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